SCC specialises in providing counselling in Taunton, Ilminster and Bridgwater.

SCC counsellors have all been trained to high professional standards. The SCC counselling service is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

SCC was established in 1990 to offer affordable, open ended, in-depth counselling.  All clients are assessed at the centre and allocation to a counsellor is considered carefully.  There are now 20 counsellors working part time and over 70 people using the service each week.

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Counselling and psychotherapy in Bath

Young People Counselling

Sometimes young people need someone to talk to.

How does counselling work?

A counsellor from our Young People’s Counselling Service can listen to your concerns and help you to make sense of what is going on. They will give you the time to talk about how it really feels for you.

Counselling provides time and space away from pressures of everyday life and can help you to:

… and help with many other problems that may seem too difficult to share with anyone else

The Young People’s Service has been set up to offer an affordable service to young people.  The first meeting with the counsellor will be free.  In that meeting the counsellor will discuss with you what you can afford to pay on a weekly basis for your counselling.  

We can offer short-term counselling of up to 10 sessions or longer term counselling if that was thought to be appropriate.

At present we are offering this service to young people who are between 16 – 21 years old.


Referring yourself: You can contact us directly to ask to come for a first meeting with a counsellor. You will be asked for your contact details over the telephone, and one of our counsellors will contact you as soon as possible, to arrange a time for you to come.

Being referred by  someone else: An adult can contact us on your behalf if you prefer. This could be your parent, carer, teacher, or anyone else you trust. They can ring the number below to arrange a meeting with one of our counsellors, who will either contact you or the person referring you (whichever you prefer).

The initial Consultation

The first meeting with your counsellor will last an hour and a quarter when you can talk with them about what is troubling you. The counsellor will also explain about counselling confidentiality.

If both of you feel that counselling at SCC is not right for you, then there will be an opportunity to see what other help may be available.

After the Consultation

If you and your counsellor agree that counselling would be helpful, the time of the first counselling session will be agreed. Sessions are then arranged weekly for the same day and time and last for 50 minutes. We aim to start your counselling as soon as possible and you can help speed things up by being as flexible as possible about the times you can come. Please note that evening sessions are in great demand.

Accessing Counselling

(Contact us by telephone, email or website).