SCC specialises in providing counselling in Taunton, Ilminster and Bridgwater.

SCC counsellors have all been trained to high professional standards. The SCC counselling service is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

SCC was established in 1990 to offer affordable, open ended, in-depth counselling.  All clients are assessed at the centre and allocation to a counsellor is considered carefully.  There are now 20 counsellors working part time and over 70 people using the service each week.

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Counselling and psychotherapy in Bath

Individual Counselling

How can counselling help?

Counselling can help if you are:


For many people counselling may be a new experience.  At SCC we provide a safe confidential space to talk to a skilled counsellor who will listen and help you understand how past experiences, worries about the future or lack of self confidence may be affecting your life.  Counselling will help you reflect on how you respond to events and explore the way you deal with relationships.

Counselling gives you an opportunity to bring thoughts and feelings which you may not feel able to share with family and friends.  Your counsellor is not there to give advice or guidance but to help you to look at what patterns you can get caught up in and to give you greater choices in your life.


On receiving your request for counselling we will book you an initial consultation at one of our venues most convenient to you.

Please note that we operate an

‘appointment only system’.

The initial Consultation

We work hard to ensure we do not have a waiting list. Consultation interviews are usually carried out within seven days. The assessor will explore with you the reasons you are seeking counselling and will assess your needs and whether the services we offer can help you.

After the Consultation

Following the Consultation, arrangements can be made for regular weekly counselling sessions; ongoing sessions last 50 minutes. We aim to start your counselling as soon as possible and you can help speed things up by being as flexible as possible about the times you can come for counselling. Please note that evening sessions are often in great demand

Accessing Counselling

(Contact us by telephone, email or website).