Making an appointment

SCC operates an appointment only system and appointments are made by either telephoning SCC.  Calls are answered between 10.00am and 2.30pm weekdays. At other times messages can be left on the answer phone and will be answered as soon as possible.  Alternatively, you can email your details including your telephone number, or you can apply via our registration form on the ‘Contact us’ section of the site click here.

Counselling Services operate broadly from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday depending on availability.

The initial consultation

Appointments for Initial Consultation are usually available within a week of registration, with ongoing counselling arranged promptly after this.

The Initial Consultation, for individual counselling provides an opportunity to talk about your situation and concerns with the intake counsellor and allow both you and the counsellor to assess whether SCC can meet your needs.

If there is an agreement between SCC and yourself to proceed with counselling, your assessment will be passed to the allocation team and a counsellor will be allocated to you within 7 – 10 working days.

The Initial Consultation lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. All following sessions will be 50 minutes long.

Our services are in regular demand and we make every effort to accommodate those seeking counselling as quickly as possible.  We work hard to avoid a waiting list.

The cost of counselling

SCC is a registered charity and a non-profit making organisation; we receive no financial support from the Government or NHS Trusts.  We aim to make our service accessible to everyone irrespective of income.  Each person who comes to SCC for counselling is expected to contribute towards the cost of the service according to their ability to pay.

The cost of the initial consultation is a set fee of £40 which is payable by card at the time of booking to secure the appointment. During the initial consultation, the intake counsellor will discuss the fee for counselling going forward.  It costs approximately £45 to provide a counselling session. Fees are negotiable and clients are asked to pay what they can reasonably afford; we do have a limited number of low-cost places available.  No one is excluded because they cannot afford the full cost of counselling.

Relationship counselling is a set fee of £50 per session.


We aim to make our service accessible to all people and whilst we have a ground floor consultation room and toilet, Apsley house isn’t very wheelchair friendly. 

We are, therefore, developing a plan to improve the access for wheelchair users. If you are mobility impaired please discuss your access needs with us so we can see how we can help you in the meantime.