Many couples who separate never discuss what happened to their relationship; a relationship which started out with love and hope for the future.  Like people, all relationships change and develop through the years; events outside the relationship, such as the death of parents, growing children or work problems can also affect it and bring about changes.

Difficulties in communication can be a key factor in relationship breakdown. It is not easy to look at painful and traumatic areas, to cope with conflict or to struggle with differing needs at different times in a relationship. Many turn to family or friends which can be helpful and supportive initially. However these people may be too close to help improve the situation, particularly over intimate issues. Every relationship is unique and goes through times of change.  Sometimes these changes are hard to manage and it is often better to seek professional help than to hope matters will just improve.  Relationship counselling will enable you to have a better understanding of yourself and your partner and help you to become aware of the origins of your relationship difficulties and how to address them.  The counsellors are not there to take sides but are there to help you work on your relationship together.

Who is it for?

Relationship counselling is open to all.  Our confidential service can help you deal with your relationship difficulties whether you are married, living together, in a LGBT relationship, separated or divorced.

Do the counsellors have special training?

Experienced counsellors offering Relationship Counselling have undergone additional training to work with couples and relationship issues.

Can I come on my own?

If your partner doesn’t want to come with you or you wish to discuss things alone you may come on your own.  However we do encourage couples to book the initial consultation together where possible.

We aim to make our service available to all relationships regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability and religion.

Costs: £48 per 1-hour session

Accessing Counselling


On contacting the service you will be directed to the Relationship Support Service

The initial consultation

We work hard to ensure we do not have a waiting list, but sometimes this may be unavoidable.  The initial consultation will explore with you the reasons for accessing the service, and whether the service can help you.

After the consultation

If the Relationship Support Service is appropriate for you then the counsellor will arrange regular sessions with you at a mutually convenient time.